How to: Living in the City with a Pup

Dogs don’t need a big backyard to lead a happy, healthy life, but living in an urban environment does provide unique challenges and circumstances of pet parenting. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance has put together 4 tips to consider with a dog in the big city: The best dog breeds for apartments Take into consideration personality and energy level when choosing a breed or mix to bring into an urban environment. Some breeds that typically do well include (*Full list below):

September 29 is Cat Day. Freshpet is helping celebrate!

September 29 is Cat Day! Freshpet is showing the love for our feline companions in a big way: they are helping cat shelters across numerous states with special cooler bags and more. Freshpet®, Inc (Nasdaq: FRPT), the first and only maker of fresh, all-natural, real food for pets, debuts exciting new freshly prepared meals for cats.   For the first time, Walmart in West Palm Beach will offer an expanded line of Freshpet® cat meals, all found in the “purrfectly” sized refrigerator

Back to (Obedience) School: Pup-safe foods

Summer’s over and everyone is heading back to school, returning to the usual daily routine – and same goes for our furry friends. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance has come up with a pup-safe list of foods for furry friends to enjoy, as well as what to avoid. Pup Safe Treats: -       Sliced oranges boost the immune system and give pups energy. -       Apples help freshen bad puppy breath! -       Bananas can

Guardians of Rescue Use Boat to Help Save Stranded Animals in Texas

There’s no mistaking the fact that the people in Southeast Texas need help, and in a big way. One look at what has happened in places like Beaumont, Texas, and it’s easy to see that there is devastation on a grand scale, as people have lost their lives, homes, and the city is largely under water. In fact, it’s estimated that since the beginning of the Hurricane Harvey storm, the city of Beaumont got over 45 inches of rain, leaving thousands of people underwater. This has created a situation

6 Tips on How to Feed Fido Without Breaking the Bank

Owners adore their dogs, and most of us want to feed our four-legged pals only the best. Who can blame them? Our furry friends are pretty awesome. The good news is that you don’t have to empty out your wallet to feed Fido a healthy and nutritious meal. Today we’re offering 6 tips and strategies for feeding your pooch without blowing your entire budget! Know Your Dog’s Needs – Don’t Pay For What You Don’t Need Feeding your dog quality food is important for his overall

Stop! Don’t Feed Your Pet One More Bite Without First Reading This!

Each day around the country, there are millions of people who will reach for pet food to feed their furry family member. What they don’t realize is that they may be harming their pets if they haven’t taken the time to learn what their pet should be eating and to evaluate if the pet food they’re buying fulfills those needs. One veteran is standing guard, aiming to help protect pets everywhere as he strives to revolutionize the pet food industry, leading people to healthier food options that
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