Everything You Need to Know About Heartworms in Dogs

Heartworms are a type of parasitic organism that lives inside the heart and lung arteries of cats and dogs and grows by feeding on the surrounding blood. It’s an easily preventable, yet very costly and difficult disease to treat. In some severe cases, the parasite can grow to around 30cm long and around 2cm thick, with a population of more than 200 individuals. Heartworms offspring are also known as Microfilariae and can be found throughout the infected pet’s blood. How does it spread? Heartworm

Top Family Guard Dogs By State

Man’s best friend. The beast at the threshold. A member of the family. A family dog can be a very effective addition when seeking to secure your home and loved ones. Of course, a home security system is your best bet for safeguarding your family and property from a potential break-in. But which dog breeds are most effective at helping to keep burglars at bay? Your Local Security, an ADT Premier Authorized Provider, took Certapet’s recent picks for top guard dogs and input those breeds into

Happy National Dog Biscuit day

Happy National Dog Biscuit Day! On February 23rd make sure to celebrate your dog’s favorite day of the year with treats, treats, and more treats! And nothing says, “I love you!” like a homemade dog biscuit. While baking up your own requires a little more effort, it’s worth it: you get to choose fresh, healthy ingredients for your pup. Here’s a D-I-Y Sweet Potato Biscuit fit for your canine king or queen! Directions: Preheat your oven to 350 degrees, then combine 3/4 cups

Warning Signs of Canine Cancer You Should Know About

We hear about cancer almost every day, from TV to personal accounts, and by now most of us have a general idea how it manifests. But what about animals, especially dogs? Some cancer symptoms in dogs are quite obvious while others are subtle and hard to notice, so you should get informed about them to be able to save your dog in time. Here are some first warning signs of canine cancer. Weight loss Probably the most common cancer symptom in dogs is weight loss. Dogs usually lose weight because

The World’s Richest Pets

We do love our pets as much as our friends and kin. Because animals and especially dogs give back unwavering and unconditional love and trust for life.  So, it is not unexpected how over the years few of the cats, dogs and few other loving pets have inherited millions from their owners. Studies show it is no surprise how people write away huge inheritance for their pets. We, humans, get some bad experiences in life with fellow folks that the trust is lost and its difficult to be placed

Pug or Partner

The little dog we have come to know as the pug first arrived in Europe from China in the 16th century and immediately became a firm favorite with all who saw him. His good nature and calm personality made him popular with families with children, and with anyone who met him. It has been said that once you have owned a pug you will never want another dog. He is instantly recognizable by his rather serious wrinkly face and very curly tail. If you are a 'pug person' then there might come a time
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