Tips for a Pet-Friendly Family Yard

The ASPCA estimates that 78 million dogs are owned in the United States and that about 44% of all households have a dog. TurfMutt – the official spokes dog for the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute’s environmental education program for students grades K-5–wants to remind homeowners to plan a yard for their family and pet’s play, health and safety. TurfMutt’s tips for a pet-friendly family yard 1. Consider your pet’s needs. Dogs love being in your family yard. Most pets need

Traveling with Pets: Top 5 Tips

As summer heats up, more and more Americans are getting out of town. In fact, over half of American families plan on taking a vacation, according to Rasmussen Reports, and not surprisingly, pet parents are bringing their furry best friends along for the ride! Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, bringing a pet requires preparation and some special TLC. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance – the #1 customer-rated provider of health insurance for dogs and cats – has compiled

Natural Disaster Preparedness for Pets

With Hurricane season quickly coming well at least for us on the East Coast I thought it be awesome to share these amazing tips so you can get your fur babies ready for a natural disaster. 1.Pack an Emergency Kit – Having a pre-packed "go bag" for your pet can crucial during an emergency; here are the essential items to remember: Vaccination documents – These are crucial to ensuring that your pet will be able to stay at a shelter or hotel in case of evacuation. Bottled

My Sick Dog Eats Grass

Ever wonder why a sick dog or cat eats grass?  For one thing, animals instinctively understand the power of plants in promoting balance and well-being. Animals will often digest plants as natural remedies to stimulate healing and support health. In the U.S., more than one-half of all U.S. households include at least one cat or dog.  Sadly, many pets suffer from serious diseases such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, allergies, heart and liver disease and more. These health conditions

Life With a Camera-Shy Dog

My dog doesn’t like posing for pictures. I’m not quite sure how she could be aware that a camera is pointed at her since she’s pretty old (at least to my knowledge) and therefore nearly blind. Somehow, whenever I try to take a decent photo of her, she just shuts me down by looking away, turning tail, or giving me major doggy side-eye as if to say, “No pictures, please.” We found our little camera-shy dog while on a family trip to the Philippines a few years back. She was dirty and

7 Ways to Keep Your Pets Happy & Healthy for the Holidays

1. Watch those baked treats. We all love to bake during the holidays, even for dogs, and if your kitchen is like mine, everything from chocolate chips to caramel bits and more can be sitting out on the counter. Making sure these ingredients are up away from your pet’s nose and mouth is imperative. We all know chocolate is bad for pets, but any overconsumption of human food can be a very bad thing. Make sure all your food and the things that make it are put safely away when you’re
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