Feel Guilty Taking Time Off? Here’s How To Beat The Feeling

Feel Guilty Taking Time Off? Here's How To Beat The Feeling

If you’re the kind of person who loves to show up but also desperately needs a break, actually taking one is the hardest thing in the world. After all, you’ve got so much you still need to do, a whole team depending on you, and career success to reach for – who’s got time to have a break! However, you do need one, and you definitely deserve to have some time off as well. And that’s why we’re here to talk about the guilt involved. If you want to beat the feeling, here are some things to keep in mind as you’re using your PTO. 

Feel Guilty Taking Time Off? Here's How To Beat The Feeling

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You’re Not the Only One Capable of Keeping Things Going

No matter what position you hold in your company, whether you own it yourself or you’re a manager for someone else, you’re not the only one capable of keeping things going. You have a whole team of people working with and around you, and it’s OK to let them handle things for a day or two.

Even as a one-person business, you can put an out-of-office reply on your email or set your hours to ‘closed’ on your social media page and come back to answer your messages when you feel better. Despite what the world will tell you, you can be away from your desk for a little while without losing business! 

Taking a Break Equals More Productivity

The more breaks you take, the more energy you have. And when you have energy, you can think. You don’t suffer from brain fog early in the morning or trying to swim through the pea soup that is your brain on a Friday afternoon! 

So take a break! Clear your mind, distract yourself with something interesting and/or funny, and recharge your batteries. You don’t have to be set to go 24/7. Everyone needs to mentally check out from time to time – it’s good for you, and it prevents you from losing that work/life balance you’ve worked so hard to achieve. 

Remember, You’re Unlikely to Lose Everything

It’s true. A couple of days off and spending some time working on your mental and physical health is not going to tank all the effort you’ve put in so far. Everyone is allowed to take a break, no matter how they’re employed, and it doesn’t stop you from being a team player. 

And remember, if you’re taking time off due to injury reasons, you’re probably due a stipend or some compensation! Contact a personal injury lawyer in a scenario like this. It’s scary to have more than a week off work, even if it’s paid time off, but your finances don’t have to suffer in the long term. 

If you feel guilty taking time off when you need it and deserve it, these tips might be able to help you. Taking a break doesn’t mean disaster, and if you need some time to yourself, it’s OK to ask for the privacy required.

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