4 Creative Uses for Leftover Liquor From Bottle To Booze

4 Creative Uses for Leftover Liquor From Bottle To Booze
4 Creative Uses for Leftover Liquor From Bottle To Booze

Even in the middle of summer, I’m thinking about the holidays and the fact that I genuinely don’t have any more room in my pantry for new alcohol. I don’t drink often but do get alcohol as a gift every year, despite my tendency to let booze disappear until the holidays return. Here are four creative uses for leftover liquor from bottle to booze that will help y’all make way for gifted wine and otherwise.

Making Delicious, Boozy Desserts

Growing up in the South put pecan bourbon pie on a pedestal as one of the best pies out there, so when it’s time to bake, untouched liquor travels from the back of the cabinet to the counter. Coffee liquors bring chocolate cakes to life, and vodka plays a surprise role in pie dough. Worry not—there are recipes out there for all kinds of leftover alcohol, from repurposing sweet and tangy sangria to uses for toasty, warm rum.

Experimenting With Infusions

I’m partial to clear alcohols, so I tend to have more vodkas or gins lying around with odd amounts left than anything else. One trick entirely unrelated to my recipe for drunken gummy bears is using that little bit of alcohol to create infusions. Pouring a little liquor over sliced fruit, vegetables, or even bacon before allowing the experiment to sit covered for a few days can bring about some wild results.

Creating With Caps and Corks

A great way to repurpose leftover alcohol caps and corks is to create art with them. Such art has become staples of bar décor and cozy homes alike. Corks and caps can be used for crafts with a huge range of complexity depending on how much time you dedicate. Lining them up to form hearts and trees makes for festive table décor while the truly crafty can make entire wreaths from wine corks!

Turning Bottles Into Art

It’s hard to convince me to part with a glass of any kind, even bottles. Luckily for me, there are a ton of gorgeous ideas for repurposing them! Bottles with battery-powered twinkle lights inside them make for incredibly cozy additions to outdoor tables. Carefully cut and sanded glass bottles also make for perfect planters, candle holders, and even new glassware. If y’all decide to tackle cutting glass bottles, be sure to have the safety equipment necessary before starting. Your fingers will thank you.

Finding creative uses for leftover liquor from bottle to booze has been essential for me over the years as an almost exclusively social drinker. A bottle of wine or a fancy liquor can make for a great gift, but I always need to prep my pantry for new arrivals. I love making what I can from these old bottles as they add a rustic and lived-in sense to my home. I highly recommend you consider trying these tricks out to see if you feel the same!

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