One way to add color, pattern, and texture into your home is by hanging decorative plates where there is open wall space. Hanging plates has recently re-emerged as a great home decor project and way to showcase beautiful, stylish plates that may simply hide in cabinets otherwise. Invaluable has created a fun, step-by-step guide on how to hang plates in just 4 simple steps that are perfect for your next weekend decor project inspiration!

All you need to do is gather supplies, determine where you’d like your plates to go, and then follow the easy steps to get an effortlessly stylish new wall. Included also are some great styling tips for hanging decorative plates that can be used for any DIY home decor project. For example, get creative and mix your plates with other objects like mirrors and artwork. Another tip, try blending vintage and modern styles from different periods that complement each other well.

So when you’re ready, gather your supplies and plates, follow the simple steps, and be sure to check out the other styling tips to make your decorative wall plates look undoubtedly chic!

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