How To Make Your Lake House More Eco-Friendly

How To Make Your Lake House More Eco-Friendly
How To Make Your Lake House More Eco-Friendly

Vacation homes are hopping on the trend of becoming more eco-friendly and helping the environment in other cost-effective ways. It’s time for us to get started on finding our own ways to help our homes become eco-friendly, y’all. Let’s start at the lake. Here’s how to make your lake house more eco-friendly, y’all.

Build Using Green Materials

It’s time to start renovating, but what sort of material is easy and affordable to work with? You can most likely guess where we’re going with this, and if you don’t, here’s a hint: we’re going green and using natural, salvageable material and that can be reused. For example, a material you can use is cross-laminated timber. It’s durable and made from pre-sawn pieces of solid lumber. Using green products will help you have peace of mind since it’ll have little impact on your lake house’s environment.

Use Solar Technologies

The use of solar power is impacting the environment in positive ways, y’all. What better way to add on any sort of energy-saving technology to our lake house than solar windows? One method I recommend trying for your lake house is passive solar design. It requires having south-facing windows and thermal mass, which involves thick material such as brick and stone. Because these materials are located near the window, where the sun shines the most, they help absorb the sun rays to keep the heat locked and distributed into your home. When the sun goes down, your solar system will allow for cool temperatures to be absorbed into the material—it’s pretty much free air conditioning, y’all.

Invest in an Eco-Friendly Roof

For your lake house to truly feel eco-friendly, you’ll need the right roof. Many companies are beginning to find more durable and sustainable materials for people’s homes. For the best eco-friendly rooftop, I recommend using salvaged slate tiles, y’all. They can last for a hundred years and need hardly any work. If you want new slate tiles, shop around for quarried stone that’s near your location. Solar roofing is perfect, y’all. It can allow that essential natural light you’re looking for in your home to conserve energy.

Help Safeguard Water

It’s essential to conserve water. The best way to save energy while you’re visiting your home is to invest in a rainwater tank. It’s an excellent asset for drinking water, toilet water, and watering your plants. You can also install a hot water heater to help keep water warm.

Purchase Eco-Friendly Uses

Invest in eco-friendly appliances to save on energy costs and be environmentally friendly. Consider investing in brands that have pledged to keep their promise of building sustainable and energy-saving devices.

There are many more ways to learn how to make your lake house more eco-friendly. These ideas will help you start saving energy and not cause more damage to the environment. It’s time to make our lake houses eco-friendly, y’all.

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