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I just don’t understand some people, as before I am baffled at the actions of a few who are supposed to be against racism. Remember my blog post Did Michelle Obama Get it Wrong? and how she excluded a whole bunch of girls with her statement Black Girls rock. I understand that she was trying to empower black girls but  there are other ways to do this than excluding other races.

Today as I was looking through Facebook,  I saw a link that a dear friend of mine posted that totally shocked me. It was how our local NAACP president was trying to get the name of a local high school changed. You can read the story here. First let me say that this particular high school was named after a former governor of our state. He was considered the education governor. And that the reason why they want to change the name was because of something that happened over 200 years ago. At one point do we as society say enough is enough. The only thing this particular NAACP president is doing is dividing the races. How does the action of a man who was by most considered a great governor impact what happens today? Nothing.

I seriously have a problem with them trying to rename building and streets. Before you know it will not have any national monuments named after great men and women in our history. How can we as society allow others to dictate the way we see history? That is what it is history and it is there to for us to learn from it not repeat it. What will the Washington monument be named now because after all he owned slaves? If that is the case, why are all the streets and building named after Martin Luther King Jr. not renamed?

All of these people whether good or bad changed history- but when we fail to learn from history that is when mistakes happen? All I have to say is that instead of trying to change names of building and causing turmoil why don’t they look at ways to help all races come together.

I know this statement is not politically correct but I am just going to have to say it when did it become a trend that when racism is called we all have to bow down to what bullying groups are doing. Isn’t that a form of discrimination as well? Why can’t we all just get along? When did it become okay to call racism for every slight if you are of a different color but not if you are white. We need to get rid of all discrimination and just learn to get along and focus on what matters. That means focusing on the people instead of names of buildings.

Just a thought….

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