Keeping It Nice and Tidy: 9 Tips for Organizing Space in Your Living Room

Keeping It Nice and Tidy 9 Tips for Organizing Space in Your Living Room from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
Keeping It Nice and Tidy 9 Tips for Organizing Space in Your Living Room from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

The living room is one of the most common areas of the home where residents spend time lounging around and watching television. Due to the amount of time spent in the space, it can be easy for the room to become cluttered and disorganized. If you want to maintain a clean and tidy setting, there are a few tips to follow to make the living room organized and comfortable.

1. Purge Your Personal Belongings  

Purging your personal belongings is necessary to remove excess clutter that is taking up too much space. Go through all of the cabinets and drawers in the room and make piles of items that you plan to keep, toss, and donate. Avoid keeping anything that hasn’t been used in the last year, which may include old magazines, DVDs, or electronic devices. Make it a point to go through the clutter once each week to maintain the setting and prevent more items from accumulating in the room.

2. Control All of the Cords

Get a handle on the cords that are present in the room from the different electronics and lamps that are used in the space. Many different products are available to tame the wires and keep them neatly coiled up. Cable caddies are also available and stick to desktops or behind the TV console to ensure that they’re dangle-free.

3. Make Use of Vertical Storage

Make use of vertical storage space that can be used to store items that are typically left out. Shelves, bookcases, and floating cabinets will prove to be useful for extra storage space in the living room. Stacked crates can also add a rustic touch to the room and hold many different items that are easy to access. You can place books, candles, and even picture frames on the shelves to ensure that they’re on display and don’t take up extra space on the furniture or floors. Avoid cramming too many items onto the bookshelves, which can make everything look cluttered and disorganized.

4. Organize the Media

The media area of any living room is bound to becoming cluttered and disorganized due to the number of DVDs, CDs, and electronics that are present. Consider using different bins to group like items and separate everything with the spine of each item up to make it easy to find a specific album or film. Consider storing the media in an entertainment center or on a bookshelf to keep it out of the way while using the space.

5. Add a Wastebasket

Wastebaskets are typically not used in living rooms but are ideal for maintaining a clean and tidy space with trash and excess items that are prone to accumulate throughout the week. Your family may have a habit of leaving behind old paperwork to food containers in the living room, which can make the space messy each day. Place a wastebasket in a visible area to remind your family members to toss any of their junk before leaving the room. Having a trash can that is easy to access will make it easier for everyone to get rid of their junk easily instead of having to go to the kitchen to toss items. Empty the bin daily to prevent the contents from piling up.

6. Create a Home for Lost Items

From remote controls to magazines, many different types of items may be used in the living room but don’t necessarily have a home, which can lead to clutter. Create a home where the remote controls should always be placed, which may be on the coffee table. Magazines can be stored in a rack that is purchased and throw pillows should have a specific area where they’re on display. Blankets can also be stored in a basket in the corner of the room or a storage compartment in an ottoman.

7. Use Furniture That Doubles as Storage Space

From blankets to books, there are many different items that are used in the living room when it’s time to relax and unwind. Instead of leaving the personal belongings out, opt for using furniture that also offers storage space. Consider using a trunk or ottoman instead of a coffee table to store your products. You can also make use of a console that has multiple cabinets to keep certain items discrete. If you already own a coffee table, opt for styling it with accessories that have hidden compartments where the remote controls can be stored. Use accessories that look decorative like marble or metallic boxes to ensure they serve multiple purposes. View more options that are available for versatile furniture pieces that can be purchased.

8. Create a Play Area

For homes that have children, it can be difficult to maintain a neat and tidy living room with plenty of toys and activities present. Create a play area in an unused corner of the space where one or two bins can be used for toys. A small bookcase or table will also prove to be useful where kids can spend time without taking over the living room. Help your children learn how to pick up each time they play in the corner to ensure that prevent making a mess and contribute to the cleanliness of the setting.

9. Select Small-Scale Furniture

Many living rooms are prone to looking cluttered and disorganized due to furniture items that are large and overpower the space, which can create less space for other products that are stored in the setting. Consider using a nesting table, which is compact and has multiple tables that slide out for extra space for beverages, food, or magazines. Decorating with mini paintings that are mounted on the walls will also create a more light and airy setting that feels more spacious.

Creating an organized space in your living room will offer mental clarity and will make it easy to avoid stress or anxiety while spending time at home with your family throughout the week. You can work towards a bit of minimalism that enhances the quality of the setting and boosts the aesthetics.

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