Kitchen Remodel Projects To Do This Spring
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Kitchen Remodel Projects To Do This Spring

Kitchen Remodel Projects To Do This Spring

Every renovation has a chance to enhance the value of your home and make a space feel bigger. Consider dedicating this season to a kitchen makeover as you prepare your own list of fun projects to do this year. Let’s start with these fun kitchen remodel projects to do come spring.

Paint the Walls

If the walls could talk, they’d tell me to splash a fresh coat of paint on. Let me tell y’all, painting my walls at the beginning of spring is probably the best decision I’ve made.

Not only is the snow gone, but I can open my windows to allow proper airflow and to also dry my painted walls faster.

Also, spring is when the fun, bright colors start to come out. As we say goodbye to darker days, we can say hello again to brightly colored walls of pastel colors and sunlight pouring in.

Update Your Storage

The one thing I enjoy the most in my entire home is that it has enough storage to fit everything, especially in the kitchen. If you haven’t considered adding any new storage space to either expand the current size of the room or use it for a specific use, now’s the time to do that, y’all.

You can also add an island and a wine cooler to your new kitchen remodel.


An island can work as additional seating or a separate food preparation area. Everyone loves having a center in the middle of the kitchen, as it helps a lot with extra storage space, and comes in handy when you need more room for cooking.

I know y’all want an island, so get started on building one this year! I know you need an improved dedicated system, and an island can help you with that.

Wine Cooler

A wine cooler is not something you might think can fit into your little abode. However, with a simple budget and a creative drive, you can create a wine cooler that meets your needs.

Adding a wine cooler to my kitchen was a wise decision, especially when I wanted an easy access point to get to my favorite wines for entertaining guests. All you need to do is pick a cabinet and redo the shelving.

Replace Your Countertops

Even our counters can go through a significant change this year. One of my favorite kitchen remodels to do this spring is my countertops. I couldn’t get away with improving anything else in the kitchen besides the counters—if my cabinets have to change, then so do my counters.

There are many modern features to add, such as lighting, different materials, and many other customizations. As you go through your remodel, make sure to follow the steps to safely remove your countertops.

While making a list of your makeover plans, don’t forget to draft blueprints for the must-have features for your new kitchen. With modern amenities, we can entertain guests and feel more organized.

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