Make the Most of Your Windows with Window Treatments from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
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Make the Most of Your Windows with Window Treatments

Windows have always been the best tool to control the amount of light that enters the home. With modern homes featuring large windows can have windows that are of doors’ size. Such large windows not only bring in light from outside but they also susceptible to burglary. That is why you consider this option to ensure security in your house. Apart from protecting your house, the window shutters also are a great option for window treatments which is perfect for any home.

Make the Most of Your Windows with Window Treatments from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Window Shutters – What Are They?

A window shutter is a solid and stable window covering, which is usually made of components such as a frame, which may feature vertical stiles or horizontal rails at the top, middle and bottom. Set within the frame, you will have louvers made of fabric, glass or wood and now you can find shutters made of faux wood and other composite materials that make cleaning and maintenance easier. The window shutters are attached using the hinges in the exteriors.

The Benefits of Window Shutters

The window shutters include both internal shutters as well as external shutters. However, they will play a vital role in improving the overall appearance of the room or home, making it a more eco-friendly, and a stylish option. It lends a feel of sophistication, by virtue of the possibility to control the light that enters the room and also lends privacy and prevent intruders from gaining easy access to the building. You have functional shutters that can be operated manually or with a remote control and you also have exterior nonfunctional shutters that are screwed or bolted to the building directly. The window shutters have traditionally been made of wood. You also have composite shutters which have a lot of benefits to the users such as resistance to twisting, rotting, and splitting, which makes their maintenance so easy.

Make the Most of Your Windows with Window Treatments from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

The Wood

The types of woods that are used to make the shutters include

  • Spanish Cedar
  • Teak
  • Honduran Mahogany
  • Wood preservatives pressure treated pine and cedar.

Other Materials

Some of the other materials that are used for making window shutters include PVC, Metals, and fiberglass. Of this, the fiberglass is considered to be the better option than others due to its capacity to remain dimensionally stable.

The Classic and Modern Wooden Shutters

Classic style window shutters come with framed blinds that feature an exposed vertical tilt bar at the center. This gives the window an antique look. But, if you wish to have a shutter style that is devoid of the vertical tilt bar, then you should opt for the modern style window shutters, which feature the vertical tilt bar, but at the back. This makes the shutters functional but at the same time, it will be clear.


The window shutters feature louvers that can be operated partially or fully to let in air and sunlight and you can also close them when you do not need.  There are usually 5 louver sizes that start from 2 and a half inches and run up to 4 and a half inches. The 2 and a half inch size louver will be ideal for small windows and small areas while the mid-size 3 and a half inch louver is the most commonly and widely used type of louvers. The 4 and a half inch louvers are generally used for large spaces that will offer best views from outside when kept open.

The Hinges

Hinges are used to fix the window shutters to the windows. You have three types of hinges. The hinges could be made of aluminum, brass or hinges that are painted to suit the color of the walls.

Give the best window treatment your windows deserve to increase the aesthetic value of your home.

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