Modular Home Buying Timeline: What To Expect

Modular Home Buying Timeline: What To Expect
Modular Home Buying Timeline: What To Expect

Whether y’all are first-time homeowners or looking for your forever home, buying a modular home is an exciting and stressful experience. The enormity of the process can be overwhelming at times, but it’s easier to break it down into sections. Here’s a modular home buying timeline that should help make your modular home buying process go as smoothly as possible.


The first step to buying a modular home is finding the builder you want. The best way to do this is by checking out their website. If they have one, look at what they say about themselves and what kind of work they’ve done. Many modular home builders like Top Notch Mobile Homes will allow you to customize the options available on their site, helping to rule out the stress associated with post-purchase customizations. Moreover, it would help if you were looking at this option’s time and cost-saving element as a potential modular homeowner. Remember that it’s an investment you’re making and deserves all the necessary precautions. You can also check out reviews written by previous customers. You’ll also want to see samples of their portfolio—the houses they’ve built in the past—so that you’ll know what kind of quality you’re getting into before putting down a deposit on anything.

During the Home Building Process

During the home building process, you will be notified of the construction schedule and any changes that may occur. You will also be notified if there are issues with your site preparation, materials, or any other part of the process. This can include weather delays, which are quite common.

While modular home builders can’t control everything that happens around them during construction, they’ll do their best to stick to the modular home buying timeline and keep you informed about what’s going on at all times.

Finalizing Floor Plans

Once you have signed a contract and are ready to begin construction, the floor plans will be your first glimpse into what your new home will look like. There are a few popular floorplans for modular homes, but the exact design of the house will depend on which designer’s plans you select. In general, they all indicate the same basic information, including:

  • Where rooms are located
  • How much space does each room has 
  • Any special features or upgrades 

After You Close

Once you’ve closed on your modular home, you can begin to prepare for moving day. Modular homes must undergo a final inspection before they can be delivered to their new owners. This will ensure the quality of the house meets all state standards and requirements, so it’s important not to skip this step!

If your home includes installed appliances or furniture, they should arrive before delivery as well. You’ll want everything in place when you move in so that everything runs smoothly from day one!

If you can’t wait to move into your new home and want to start the process right away, use this guide to take the first steps. The modular home buying timeline is different than that of a traditional site-built house, but the end result will be well worth it.

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