Most Romantic & Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

Most Romantic & Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

Most Romantic & Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

Planning your honeymoon is probably the highlight of wedding planning—until you get the total price. Since weddings can cost a pretty penny, many newlyweds opt for more budget-friendly wedding getaways.I put together a list of the most romantic and affordable honeymoon destinations to help you find a fantastic trip within your budget.

Kauai, Hawaii

Ahh, Hawaii is a personal favorite of mine, so excuse me for being biased when I say that vacationing in Kauai is one of the most extraordinary experiences. Kauai is one of the most visually appealing and lush Hawaiian islands. This island is full of beautiful wildlife, Banyan trees, hibiscus, orchids, and other gorgeous flora.

A honeymoon to Kauai demands snorkeling or boating on the pristine beaches while saying hello to green sea turtles, manta rays, and monk seals. This destination is excellent for couples who want to celebrate by relaxing and becoming one with nature.

Crete, Greece

If you envision yourself sunbathing on your honeymoon, Crete, Greece, is the destination for you. Surround yourself with gorgeous water and white-sand beaches, or explore Elafonsi Beach, known for its iconic pink shoreline, perfect for picnicking and creating fond memories.

Crete is known for making fresh Feta cheese and raki, a distilled drink made from grape pomace pressed for winemaking. If y’all are into world history, you will love seeing the ruins of Minoan palaces and Ottoman and Venetian architecture sprinkled around town.

Bali, Indonesia

Spend your honeymoon practicing yoga, swimming, surfing, and getting in touch with nature in Bali, Indonesia. This island has so much to offer, from retreats to cooking classes to couple massages—you will find something you enjoy here!

I know y’all have seen pictures of people staying in five-star resorts and wondered, “How much does it cost to stay there?” One of the most famous elements of Bali is that you get a luxurious experience for a fraction of the price. You can reserve a five-star resort with infinity pools or a beachside house for a lower price than it would cost in North and Central America.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is on my list of vacation spots because it’s the perfect mixture of luxury and endless adventures. From dining at five-star restaurants to go deep-sea fishing, there are so many activities newlyweds can enjoy.

If you’re looking to make your honeymoon even more luxurious, try relaxing at the world’s finest spas, playing golf on championship-winning greens, or taking private horseback riding tours.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica offers a lot of budget-friendly, all-inclusive resorts with award-winning food, flowing drinks, activities, and additional perks.

Spend your honeymoon rafting on beautiful waters or stroll through Miss Martha’s Herb Garden to explore the island’s natural healing remedies. There are activities for anyone and everyone to enjoy here, from parasailing to sunset lagoon tours.

Honeymoons don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be enjoyable. Use my list of the most romantic and affordable honeymoon destinations to get the most bang for your buck.

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