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Is Secret Cell Phone Monitoring Effective?


To examine if using a monitoring tool is effective, we need to look at this from different angles. There are two major players in the global monitoring app market – Employers and Parents. From an employer’s perspective, using secret cell phone monitoring at a workplace has a number of pros. From the management perspective, there may be certain challenges that come with it, but it helps maintain a steady increase in the success of the business. From the parent’s angle, there are some major benefits of using a cell phone monitoring tool too. The sooner parents start using it, the safer their kids can be in this digital age that we live in.

How to Begin with Secret Cell Phone Monitoring?


The first thing employers and parents need to do is to find the best tracking app that can remain undetectable and install it on the target device. The Apple PlayStore and Google PlayStore have gazillions of apps for parental control, management, monitoring, tracking, etc. Therefore, finding the ideal app can be a big challenge. However, to narrow things down, you may want to check out different reviews that pop up on your PC screen when you check Google. To choose the right app, you must also check how much it costs, the features it offers and if they offer all that you need for your objective.

Employers must make a company policy about using apps for secretly monitoring their employees. They must inform them beforehand and issue a company cell phone. They must inform the employees that they will be under constant surveillance and advise them not to use it for unofficial purposes.

Parents must also do the same and inform their kids that they will be watching their activities offline or on the cell phone. However, depending on the reason, parents might choose not to inform their kid. Sometimes, kids outsmart their parents by getting rid of tracking apps, so it might be best to keep it a secret. The best thing about XnSpy (a monitoring app) is that it remains in stealth mode, and it is 100% undetectable.

What Can You Do with Such Tools?


Depending on which app you choose, you can use it for monitoring different activities on the target cell phone. For example, it can monitor all text messages. Both employers and parents can use this feature to the best. They can read entire threads of the conversations that their target person has with other contacts to know what he or she thinks, is planning, or has done. If employers suspect that the company’s secrets are at risk, they can take justified action.

Such apps also come with the GPS tracking and Geo-fencing tool. These help keep track of the target device around the clock. If the device goes missing, or if the target person goes to different places with the device, the employer or parent can keep track. Another interesting and helpful feature in XNSPY is that it can automatically record all calls and upload them to the dashboard. From there, parents and employees can listen to the target person’s conversations.

If you want to keep a check on the target person’s schedules and plans, the app can also show you all entries in the calendar on the device. Moreover, you can see all photos and videos on the device. Most interestingly, this particular app allows you to see all conversations on other internet messengers like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Line, and Kik.

What you can achieve


Employers can achieve increased productivity, workplace discipline, healthy work environment, trust, loyalty, accountability, and transparency. Likewise, parents can raise kids that are conscious about their security online, responsibly behaved, disciplined, and righteous. Parents can save their kids from cyber bullying, sexual harassment,and assault, and protect them from kidnapping.

To conclude, there is no doubt that using secret cell phone monitoring is necessary in the times that we live in. Making use of technology to keep people safe and to improve business is necessary.

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