Shrinking Houses: A New Age of Space-Efficient Living

Shrinking Houses

Shrinking Houses

Cities are in a dire state in terms of providing Housing space. With more demand and less space available, Realty is opting for creating smaller homes. If we compare the data from the past few years, the size of abode has shrunk to half the sizes that it used to be.

For new gen, it’s a choice to opt for the smaller spaces are as they are easy to clean & maintain and of course for the reason to live in the city. Few opt for it as they do not have options for the need of a home, as much closest to their workplace, to avoid the hectic commutation hours. These small homes are also a hit for the reason of affordability and closeness to the capital. The UK has also seen this change over the years and we see small affordable residences accommodating the ever-increasing demand.

Here is an infographic by Flexispace presenting the shrink in the dwelling area and also some smallest of homes on the planet which may just amuse you and pacify that you have a much bigger living space even in the saw called new age space efficient houses.


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