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What is Hygge? 5 Ways to Include it in your Home Decor

Over the past decade, there have been plenty of home decor fads, trends and obsessions that have been unable to stand the test of time in terms of usefulness. Anyone else immediately remove popcorn ceilings upon the purchase of a new property? So what exactly makes a design trend achieve longevity? Enter: hygge. Pronounced hoo-gah, this Danish decor practice combines the lifestyle of enjoying each moment to its fullest with relaxing and cozy interiors.  There are several key principles

Home Decor Ideas from Sweden

If you've followed lifestyle decor trends like hygge, you'll love this approach to home decor that comes straight from Sweden. Lagom, pronounced "lah-gom," which means "not too little, not too much," is a balanced approach to design and living that anyone can take on. Simple steps such as decluttering your home and opening up the windows are easy first steps to embracing this lagom lifestyle.
This lagom decor guide from Invaluable covers all the do's and don'ts you need

The Scandinavian Secrets to a Stylish Home

Scandinavia has long been coveted as a stylish place to be, from sleek capsule wardrobes to high-end interiors. The Nordic nations not only have stylish homes but know how to make those homes an escape from the harsh weather they often experience.

Insulation Express has decided to decipher all the advice on getting a Scandi home, to give you the best advice on keeping your home warm, stylish and oh so covetable. Whether this is through the warming soft colors, the touches of nature such as plants,

Tips for Keeping Blankets Soft in Time for the Cold Weather

Simple and easy tips to keep your blankets feeling new.
Blankets are the one thing that you want to be softer than anything else, and nothing ruins a perfectly comfy-cozy moment like rough, scratchy fabric. Here’s how to be soft-blanket-ready for a lazy afternoon of football, or a night of movie marathons.

Tip 1: How to wash your favorite blankets.

Different fabrics require different laundry care. So first, read the label to learn if your blanket is machine or hand wash.

Tip 2: Washing

DIY Painting Hacks to Make Your Home Decoration Project Easier

The fun of DIY has slowly morphed into a sort of skill regarding one being able to decorate their home in unique and incredible ways. However, not every decoration is as easy as they are pretty. A few tricks with some pain, though, can help brighten things up and sometimes help change the atmosphere of a room.

If you’re finding that a room is looking a little plain or dull, try putting some colour on the inside of the door. Whenever a guest opens the door to enter the room, it appears more

The Broke Person’s Guide to Decorating

You want to update your home but you have hardly any money? No problem. With a bit of imagination and little money, you can add instant style to any place. It may seem impossible to decorate an interior without ending up looking cheap, but you can still make the most of your place even with a limited or non-existent budget. Even a thorough house cleaning can transform your place. The key is to work with you already have and to know what you want to achieve. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.


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