3 Realities To Prepare For With Your First Puppy

3 Realities To Prepare For With Your First Puppy

3 Realities To Prepare For With Your First Puppy

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Little puppies are so cute, innocent, and fun to be around. Like human babies, they’re also quite capable of putting themselves in harm’s way. Moreover, it’s important to recognize that these little brand new beings aren’t as trained a new owner might expect them to be, and they can also be quite messy.

That’s okay, you’ll get used to the beginning requirements of ownership. However, it’s important to be prepared for the less glamorous and enjoyable aspects of looking after a growing dog, especially as they become accustomed to your property and try to figure out your boundaries and rules, or rather, are constantly influenced by them.

Knowing these basics can help you prepare, and purchase the right equipment. For instance, safety gates that prevent your puppy from running up and down your stairs can help protect their vulnerable joints as they grow. 

But let’s consider the foremost realities to consider:

You’re Going To Clean Your Carpets & Furnishings

No matter how many newspaper sheets you place down, how accessible your garden is, or how much you potty train them, your puppy is going to urinate on your carpet. They might do so on your bed, on your sofa, and on you as you pick them up. In some cases, they may have accidents. 

This means that you need to be patient, and be prepared for that with the right cleaning equipment and means of soaking this out of the carpet, and then cleaning to eliminate its presence and nullify the smell. Don’t worry, over time you will train your dog to understand that it’s the garden or green space you take them to that will be the place to conduct their business, or will be able to move through the doggy flap for that. If you have lesser mobility and can’t quite attend to all of these needs at all hours of the day, a service like Scoop Troop for cleaning your garden can be ideal.

Your Dog Might Have Separation Anxiety

It’s important to recognize that some dogs have separation anxiety, and so it’s important to make sure they get used to this in advance. Some people use large cages with a doggy bed inside, so that at night they can see you in bed, but can’t be right next to you. You can then slowly allow that to be moved into another room at night, so they know you’re here, but are less concerned.

A regular routine helps also, if you have to leave them at home for a few hours before your child gets back from school, then they can become accustomed to that without feeling as though a massive problem exist. On top of this, working with a trainer to reduce this phenomenon can be important.

They May Not Be Acclimitised To Other Pets

It’s important to recognize that your little pooch might not be that confident around other dogs, especially if you purchased them almost as soon as they were born from the licensed breeder. Doggy training can be important here because in a controlled environment they will learn to take your instructions in the presence of other dogs that are being carefully watched over, and this can be essential in their development. Typically, training can be suitable from eight weeks of age.

With this advice, we hope you can prepare for the whole gamut of tasks and responsibilities associated with having a puppy. You’re sure to have a wonderful time with them.

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