Best Natural Stones for Your Kitchen Countertops
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Best Natural Stones for Your Kitchen Countertops

If y’all want one-of-a-kind beauty and unmatched durability for your countertops, natural stone is the way to go. Materials like granite and quartzite come from naturally occurring stones that suppliers quarry directly from the earth, which means every slab boasts unique colors and veining. The result is a beautifully distinctive look that makes your kitchen stand out. If you’re looking for a way to bring your kitchen to new heights, check out my recommendations for the best natural stones for your kitchen countertops.

Best Natural Stones for Your Kitchen Countertops


When we talk about kitchen counters, granite is usually one of the first materials that come to mind. Granite is a strong, beautiful, durable, and traditional choice for high-end homes. Fortunately for us, granite has become more accessible in recent years. But its reputation as a superior option for countertops hasn’t changed. Granite is incredibly hard and heat resistant, making it a perfect choice for kitchens that see a lot of activity.

Best Natural Stones for Your Kitchen Countertops


Another great option for hectic kitchens is quartzite. With the durability of granite and the elegant appearance of marble, quartzite is the epitome of function and fashion for your kitchen. Even better, quartzite is denser than granite. This density makes it more resistant to chips, scratches, stains, and other mishaps y’all might face in the kitchen.


Are y’all looking for something truly unique in the kitchen? Soapstone might be the answer. There are tons of advantages to using soapstone in your kitchen, but one of the most unique is it is non-porous. Porous stones allow liquids to seep into the stone—that’s how we get stains on our gorgeous countertops.

With soapstone, there are no pores for liquids to seep into. This low-to-no porosity makes soapstone incredibly stain-resistant. It also means that, unlike granite, quartzite, and other options, y’all don’t have to seal your soapstone counters every year to keep them clean and sanitary.


Dolomite is another unique contender for the best natural stone for your kitchen countertops. This sedimentary rock usually comes in elegant shades of white or gray. It also boasts beautiful streaks and veining reminiscent of marble, making it a classy option for your home.

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