Tips for Removing the Carpet Inside Your Home
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Tips for Removing the Carpet Inside Your Home

Tips for Removing the Carpet Inside Your Home

If you’re planning a home renovation soon, ask yourself this question first: What are some tasks I can do myself? Home renovations are expensive, and if you can save money anywhere during the process, it’s wise to do so. One task you may be able to tackle yourself is carpet removal. Switching to gorgeous hardwood floors will require the help of a contractor eventually, but you can start the process. Here are some tips for removing the carpet inside your home.

Clear the Room and Gear Up

Start by moving everything else out of your way. The room’s furniture needs to go to another space, and you can remove any doors that open into the room to stop them from getting in the way.

Next, you need to put on your protective gear. Essentials include a pair of safety gloves, knee pads, a face mask, and goggles. The face mask and goggles protect you from any particles that could enter your eyes or nose during the removal process.

Attack the Corners

Detach the carpet from the tack strips along the perimeter. Pick a corner, grab the carpet with a pair of pliers, and pull! Don’t be afraid to put some muscle into this step. If it comes up easily, you can grab it by hand to pull the rest.

However, if it’s giving you a little bit of trouble, try using a utility knife to cut a square into the corner. Once that piece lifts, remove it and pull the rest of the carpet by hand.

Cut Into Strips

The next part is our favorite. This is where we can finally say goodbye to that carpet. After you remove the carpet, you want to cut it into strips. This step makes everything much more manageable, especially as you work to dispose of the carpet.

We recommend spacing out the cuts a few feet apart and cutting vertically from one end of the carpet to the next. Take the utility knife and drive it all the way through the carpet backing. Make sure you don’t hit the subfloor underneath.

Tuck and Roll

Start to tuck and roll every strip of carpet. This step is the fun part—after all, you know you’re almost done, and you can start to envision what the new floors will look like!

You’ll need to place the removed carpet inside a dumpster rental as opposed to your standard garbage bin. Make sure you choose one where you know the maximum tonnage to avoid any overcharges.

Remove the Padding

Removing the padding will be easier than the carpet because it comes in smaller pieces. The padding will probably be glued to the floor, so you’ll need a sharp-blade scrapper to remove the big chunks.

If there is plywood, the pad will be stapled, but you still need to scrapper to remove the chunks. There’s also a carpet staple remover you can consider using.

See, after reading these tips for removing the carpet from inside your home, it might be easier than you thought—just like we knew it would be—and now the contractor will have a surprised look on their face because you did all the heavy lifting.

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