Create Seasonal Favorites with ALOHA!

If you're like me, you're already starting to think about how you can enjoy the holiday season without packing on those extra pounds or spiking your blood sugar sky-high. But eating healthy doesn't mean that you must forego eating delicious food! It just means that we need to swap-out certain ingredients for ones that are better for our body. For example, here are two mouth-watering recipes that I came across on ALOHA's site. One is for a Healthy Apple Pie Protein Smoothie and the other is for

Not All Teas Are Created Equal

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Wouldn't it be great if there were beverages that you could drink that would help purify your system, beautify your skin, spice-up your love life, and protect your immune system? Well now there is! Give a warm welcome to ALOHA's new line of teas: Clean, Beauty, Lovers & Protect! For Clean Tea, ALOHA chose to feature dandelion root, ginger root, and raspberry because they are known

Yummy Coconut Water Recipe and Money Saving Offer

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. If you haven't tried ALOHA's new ALOHA coconut water powder, you're definitely missing out. It's not only super hydrating, it's also a healthy alternative to sugars and artificial sweeteners. Stock up today and get 20% off all orders over $100 with purchase of coconut water powder today only when you use the code COCONUT20100 at checkout! You can also stay replenished and refreshed

Slow & Steady With Your Slow Cooker

My slow cooker also known as my crock pot is my favorite kitchen appliance. I love the flexibility of being able to just put dinner in the crock pot in the morning and by the afternoon dinner is done. No fuss, no muss and best of all hardly any work for me. Sometimes it gets so busy around here that the crock pot is kept hopping. That is why I have more than one crock pot. In fact I can honestly confess that I am a crock pot hoarder. I have several, too many to count. When my daughter moved into

Not All Coconut Waters Are Created Equal

  You’ve probably heard that coconut water is an excellent beverage that replenishes electrolytes and can replace those terrible-for-you, chemical-filled "hydrating" drinks. It contains a unique combination of B vitamins, vitamin C, micronutrients, and phytohormones that are exceptionally beneficial to your health. With that said, not all coconut waters are created equal. Many brands that you find on the shelf in your grocery store are actually made from a reconstituted concentrate,

Free Book Delicious Nutella Treats

Everyone loves Nutella and now you can enjoy your favorite delight in a lot of different ways and in combination with the food of your choice. All the recipes outlined in this book are easy to follow and make for delightful end results. The recipes are quick and easy to make. Most of the ingredients used are readily found in any kitchen pantry and hence, there is no need to make a special trip to the market. You can enjoy amazing gourmet treats at home. The amazing Nutella recipes in this book
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