Exciting Adventures: Tips for Planning a Trip With Your Dog
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Exciting Adventures: Tips for Planning a Trip With Your Dog

Exciting Adventures: Tips for Planning a Trip With Your Dog

Going on a trip is fun, and I can’t think of anything better than letting a furry friend tag along for the adventure! Before packing the bags to leave, every owner needs to know a few key tips for planning a trip with a dog. By loading the essentials and getting your pup mentally ready to travel, it’s easier to ensure you have an amazing time together.

Decide How You’ll Travel

This first step is among the most important for everyone on this trip. Getting somewhere by plane is entirely different than driving to your destination. Likewise, air travel often creates more stress for dogs. Larger dogs must go below the passenger section and travel in the cargo area. Regardless of size, all the new people and unfamiliar smells can give your dog anxiety. If you choose to fly, you may have to get your pup to the vet for some medication to help them relax.

On the other hand, if you drive to your vacation spot, y’all can pack all your pup’s favorite toys and supplies. Plus, you’ll know your pooch is safe in the car and can make stops to let them out whenever you want.

Pet Owner Tip

If you’ve never taken your pooch on a long car ride, begin extending your doggy car ride times to help prepare them for the trip. These practice trips can help reduce the anxiety they may feel riding in your car.

Pack the Essentials

When your pet goes on a trip, you must pack for them and yourself. I like to use a rucksack when going on short trips. If you want to try it out, size is one factor to consider when picking a backpack. You’ll need a larger bag to load items for yourself and your dog. At the very least, your pet will need the following:

  • A collar and leash
  • Food for the entire trip
  • Bowls for food and water
  • Several toys

Your pet needs additional supplies if you plan to do specific outdoor activities. For example, if you’ve scheduled a hiking trip to Colorado, you’ll need hiking boots and easy-to-layer clothing. Likewise, your pup will need a pair of booties to protect its paws.

Visit Your Vet

My final tip for planning a trip with your dog is to get a clean health bill from your dog’s vet. Your pup should be up-to-date on all vaccinations and parasite-preventing medications. Additionally, if y’all plan to do some fun outdoor sports, you’ll want to ensure your pooch is healthy enough to enjoy this.

A trip to the vet can also keep you prepared. Your vet team has plenty of animal experts, so they may have some pro tips on recognizing the signs of distress and keeping your dog calm. Traveling is exciting for you and your pup, and once your pooch understands its new surroundings, y’all will have a blast together.

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