4 Modern Upgrades That Will Enhance Your Home’s Value
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4 Modern Upgrades That Will Enhance Your Home’s Value

4 Modern Upgrades That Will Enhance Your Home’s Value

When I look around my home, all I see are the things I dislike, whether they feel outdated or they’re not my style anymore. I know it’s time for a change. Many spaces might need a modern boost, but busy families don’t have time for a full remodel. Here are four modern upgrades y’all can make that will enhance your home’s value!

New Kitchen Countertops

Old kitchens have countertops made from tiles or plastic laminate. They’re outdated and undesirable for the modern kitchen. While they were once popular, it’s time to take those countertops away and find something with a simple design that draws people’s attention. Consider installing countertops that will never lose their modern image, like marble, soapstone, and granite.

Updated Interior Doors

If you want an easy upgrade that will enhance your home, consider replacing the interior doors with something sleek and modern!

Shaker-style doors have a flat surface with panels around the edges. Some of the more modern shaker-style doors have three to five panels. These are perfect for each door in the house. Or, if you want a statement interior door, perhaps a sliding barn door is the right choice for you!

Doors are usually composite wood or solid, natural wood. A few types of wood to consider for interior doors include walnut, pine, and cherry. No matter if you’re installing sliding barn doors or a solid wood door with the ultimate modern style, these types of natural wood will look give your home that polished look you desire.

Modern Bathroom Vanity

If you feel like your bathroom needs an upgrade but don’t want the hassle of doing a full bathroom renovation, updating the vanity is a quick resolution! My bathroom vanity used to be simple oak wood cabinets with bronze fixtures and a white countertop. I knew it was the first thing that had to go!

Neutral tones and smooth surfaces are what modern home fashion is all about! Find a vanity with ample cabinet space and a large countertop surface around the sink. Many buyers love floating vanities, but some vanities can give that same appearance and still touch the ground. This is not only a desirable design choice, but it’s also incredibly functional!

Enhance the Lighting

The lighting of a house determines people’s moods. Intense white lights remind you of busy retail stores or office buildings. A singular light in the center of the room creates shadows and reduces the functionality of the space.

Look around your house and examine which rooms need the most help. Recessed lighting is a beloved modern feature because you can place a singular light in the ceiling. Some recessed lights even offer dimming options, so the room’s lighting doesn’t feel excessive.

There are always a hundred things you could change about the home you live in. By making some of these easy adjustments, you’ll have a modern home you love in no time!

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