Fun Summer Activities You Need to Do This Year

Fun Summer Activities You Need to Do This Year

Summer with its fair weather and longer days often means that for many people it is holiday and activity time. Sometimes it can be a task in itself to figure out what to do, so if you are struggling to decide on what fun summer activities you and your friends and family can do this year, why not try one of the following?


People can get put off exploring new places on foot when the word “hiking” is mentioned, maybe because they assume they need a large amount of expensive gear or that a high level of fitness is required. While this is true in some cases (for example climbing a large mountain) there are plenty of local and low impact walks that you and your friends and family could enjoy this summer.


If you are not lucky enough to own a boat that you can just keep in a boat storage facility waiting for your return each summer to spend your free time sailing and relaxing, then something you could think about doing is hiring a boat for the day or even a week. This activity is great for couples, friends, families, and even solo adventures.

Mountain/trail biking

If you like fast-paced and exhilarating activities, then what better way to spend some of your summer than by zooming down some trails on a mountain bike? You could even challenge yourself and your friends and family to cycle up some difficult trails, or make a competition out of it. But if that is too much, then there are of course, trails available that require a lot less effort to get to, and you can just enjoy the ride down.

Swimming in nature

A cheap, health-beneficial, and relaxing activity that is enjoyed by many in the summer months is swimming in natural environments. This could be at your local beach, or if you live inland, then there are often plenty of rivers, streams, and lakes available to swim in.

Garden picnic or BBQ

Something that you can do to enjoy the outdoors all from the comfort of your own home is to host or have a picnic or BBQ in the garden. Not only will you spend less time traveling to a destination, but all your creature comforts will be less than a minute away.

Theme parks

If you are an adrenaline junkie, then visiting a theme park is the summer activity for you. With plenty of heart-stopping rides and attractions, there won’t be a moment of dullness on your trip, except maybe when you are waiting to get onto the ride. But as is the way with all good things, sometimes patience is required, and the wait is generally worth it. When you are planning your days out, just be sure to take into consideration travel times, costs, and of course, everyone who is going needs to have some level of interest in the activity to make it enjoyable for the whole group. The list of activities is almost endless, but these are some top ideas to consider.

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