Protecting Your Garden Tools this Winter
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Protecting Your Garden Tools this Winter

Winter can be challenging at the best of times, and with the cost of living crisis we know that this year is going to be the most challenging one of all. What’s difficult about that though, is that the challenges in winter don’t just extend to our grocery bills in our energy budgets. Please challenge it also extends to our gardens, our homes, and all surrounding land. Proper care for your gardens all year round is something you should be taking pride in. If you are willing to plant your flowers and prune them in the summer, then you should be looking at all of the ways that you can protect your garden in the winter. It’s not just about your trees and flowers though, but about the tools that you used to make them all come to life. You may start Googling sheds near me to figure out how you can store your garden tools ready to keep them out of the wind, snow and rain, but there is more that you can do to ensure that your garden tools last the test of time. With this in mind, here are some options for you to help you to keep your garden tools protected during the winter months.

Protecting Your Garden Tools this Winter

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  • Clean them first. If you are going to start looking after your garden through the winter then you need to make sure that your tools are cleaned and ready to be stored. If you don’t clean your tools thoroughly, you could end up with a lot of grime or even rust on your tools when you open your shed again in the summer months. You don’t have to let this happen though, because all you need to do is scrape off the extra bits of mud and dirt from your tools and start washing them down. Any handheld tools can be washed down under a house, but some soapy water can really help. If you have anything rusting your sandpaper to help get rid of it. Wiping down all of your tools with an oil drag will also help.
  • Don’t forget the handles. If your garden tools have wooden handles and you need to make sure that these are as protected as the metal on the rest of the tool. You don’t just need to prevent rust or get rid of dirt. Wood which is stored for a long time, is very much prone to mildew and splinters and it doesn’t have to be. With the use of plant-based oils, you can wipe down the wooden handles and that’s all that they need to get through the winter. Walnut, linseed or coconut oil can do this for you, and then you can place it in a warm place so the oil can penetrate the wooden dry quickly.
  • Get your power equipment checked out. Another set of tools that you need to protect during the winter includes your strimmer, your mower and any other power tools that you have. Most of these tools will be exclusively used for the garden, so make sure that you change the oil and let the engine run for a little while to heat up leftover sludge. You don’t want to have any difficulties in starting up your engine once the winter months have gone.

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