Ways To Improve Your Home’s Air Quality During Winter

Ways To Improve Your Home’s Air Quality During Winter
Ways To Improve Your Home’s Air Quality During Winter

With the brutal cold months approaching, it’s time to sit down and think over what you can do to combat dry air in your home. We have some easy ways to improve your home’s air quality during winter so that y’all will feel better and breathe more easily in your homes.

Clean the Floors Often

It’s no secret that odors can get trapped in carpets and leave unwanted smells lingering for years to come. You can actually combat this by frequently vacuuming your carpets and wiping down your wooden floors. Before anyone enters your home, encourage them to leave their shoes at the door, as shoes can bring in unwanted bacteria. When mopping your floors, consider using a mix of white vinegar and water to sanitize and get rid of foul odors.

Add Ventilation

Ventilation is essential, and we know you don’t like the cold air, but try and muster the courage once a week to open a window, y’all. Opening a window or turning on a fan can rid your home of toxic pollutants that have accumulated on your wood floors or in your carpets and make your home more aromatic. Not only that, but your kitchen needs some ventilation, too. Kitchens can be common sources of unwanted allergens and germs, but turning around your kitchen ventilation comes with great benefits.

Furthermore, make sure to keep your HVAC system clean. Doing so allows the air in your home to circulate better by keeping contaminants at bay. Clean filters also better trap foul odors. Change the filter in your HVAC once a month to continue improving air purification.

Pick Home Improvement Products Carefully

When you’re updating your home during the winter, it’s crucial to pick your home improvement products wisely, as they can turn into complex health problems in the future. Using products that contain VOCs, or volatile organic compounds can result in severe eye and respiratory tract irritation. VOCs in paints and construction equipment can also cause issues with memory and sight. Hardware stores often carry low-VOC products, so it’s best to go with this type when given the option.

Avoid Using Fragrant Home Products

Using a lavender-scented fragrance spray is excellent to combat toxic odors, but it can actually do more damage to your well-being than you might think. Many fragrance sprays contain a chemical called phthalates—a word you don’t want to see among the list of ingredients on a home fragrance product, y’all. This chemical is linked to many health risks, including cancer, reproductive issues, and even respiratory issues. When shopping for products, look for essential oils made from soy- or beeswax-based materials, and don’t forget that diffuser.

Good air quality is essential, and without some different ways to improve your home’s air quality during winter, you’ll be trapped in a toxic wasteland of harmful bacteria and foul odors. Using one of our methods to quickly improve the air quality in your home will help you fight off unwanted odors and toxins that can harm your and your family’s health.

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