Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cozy for Cooler Weather
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Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cozy for Cooler Weather

Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cozy for Cooler Weather

Colder temperatures are quickly approaching, y’all—and we’ve got the scoop on how you can make your bedroom cozy for cooler weather.

Thicker Curtains

Adding thicker curtains will not only add ambiance to your room but also keep out those pesky chilly temperatures. If y’all have older windows, they allow the heat to escape and let in the cold air. You’ve probably seen the trick of adding plastic around the windows, but having the additional layer of thicker curtains also helps protect you from brisk winds.

Add Low Light

The cooler weather also means less sunshine, and this may tempt you to bring all the brightness you can indoors. Before bedtime, you’ll want little light so your body knows it’s time to relax and wind down to fall asleep. Try adding warm, full-spectrum, or soft yellow-colored lighting to your bedroom.

Warmth On the Floor

Nobody wants to feel the cold, hard floor the instant they step out of bed in the morning. Place some small throw rugs by your bedside, so your feet are wrapped in warmth once y’all get out of bed. There are several different options for throw rugs, but wool is a great one. Throw rugs made of wool are easy to roll away and store during the warmer months, too.

Warm and Inviting Bedding

There are a few simple bedding swaps to help prepare your slumber for the chilly months. Switch out your sheets for flannel when it’s cold. Get a quilt or an oversized down comforter for extra layers of warmth when it’s chilly outside. Add some fun seasonal throw blankets and pillows for a fun, comfy touch. This is such a great way to make your bedroom cozy for cooler weather. Use warm colors to make your room look cozy in addition to feeling cozy. Make your bedroom the place y’all escape to with a nice warm cup of coffee, cocoa, or tea and read a book or catch a seasonal movie.

A Robe and Slippers

When it’s warmer out, you probably don’t want to cozy up with a soft, luxurious robe after you’ve gotten out of the shower. You most certainly will, though, when there is a chill in the air. Make sure the robe and slippers are easily accessible the first thing after waking up.

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