Bundle Up: Creative Ways To Get Cozy This Fall
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Bundle Up: Creative Ways To Get Cozy This Fall

Bundle Up: Creative Ways To Get Cozy This Fall

Long sleeves, tall socks—I’ve already broken out my cold-weather duds for the season, and as I pace around my living room, I want to make it cozy. From the closet to the couch, I’m here to guide you through a few creative ways to get cozy this fall.

Warm Up the Light

Swap out those bright white bulbs for ones that emit a softer, yellower glow. I even picked up a few ropes of string lights to keep my living room lit without having to turn on all those lamps. I transformed my living space into a comfy and relaxing haven just by turning down the light a teensy bit.

Blanket Your Space

Turn your favorite hangout spot—the bed, the couch, whatever—into a blanket nest! Bundle up without spending a bundle by using what you’ve already got. I knit and crochet, so I’ve got a big pile of blankets in my linen closet that has been collecting dust all summer. Last week, I finally hauled them out, warmed them up in the dryer, and snuggled into them with a cup of tea and a movie.

Refresh Your Wardrobe

A closet overhaul doesn’t need to cost a penny. Just rotate out your short shorts and sandals for those cardigans and leggings. I like to pull everything out of my closet and spread it out in front of me so that I know what I have. Looking at every piece helps me mix, match, and layer to my heart’s content. I’ve even looked at a few layering ideas that utilize the pieces I already have!

Add a Golden Touch

Gold accents around your living space, whether they’re trinket boxes or candle holders, catch that glimmer from the warm lights. I hit up my local thrift stores for pieces with a little touch of gold. And if I’m feeling crafty, a single can of gold spray paint turns a few old tchotchkes into sparkling centerpieces.

Make Some Cider

Sure, you can light candles to get those delicious fall scents wafting through your home. But I like to add a little function to my fragrance! Making a batch of homemade apple cider on the stove is a delicious way to add an aroma to your home. My favorite cider recipe includes allspice, cloves, orange peel, and a whole stick of cinnamon. Then, I pour myself a big mug of cider, settle into my blanket nest, and warm my hands as I enjoy the comforting scent.

As the temperature drops outside, bring fall into your home with a warm and comforting touch. My house is all ready for the season, thanks to these simple and affordable tips. These creative ways to get cozy this fall will keep you in festive spirits all season long.

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