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Pets are amazing creatures in our lives. We keep dogs for companionship, security, lifestyle demands, and as our friends. However, they can hardly take care of themselves. It’s, therefore, your responsibility to take good care of your friend; and getting them the best dog food is one most effective way. But choosing the best food can be quite a challenging task, right? Well, not anymore. There are actually simple steps that you can use, and your furry friend will no doubt enjoy the best feeding experience they deserve. Please read on.

1.Consider Your Dog’s Age

Just as we require different nutrients to stay healthy at different stages of our lives, dogs too go through their own stages, and they need certain nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy. For instance, if your friend is a puppy, you can include B12, phosphorous, calcium, and vitamin D in their nutrition to aid in their growth and development and strong, healthy bones and teeth. If you’re looking for a favorite puppy to keep, you can visit to learn more.   

2. Determine Your Friend’s Nutritional Needs

The caloric needs of pets vary from one to another. And your dog is no exception. To fulfill all their caloric needs, you may have to get different nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins. You should add or cut back the number of calories (10-25%) you give to your dog for say, a month before re-evaluating, to help them maintain a healthy body condition. High-fat levels may cause your dog to develop pancreatitis.   

3. Wet or Dry Food?

After determining the nutritional needs of your furry friend, the question of whether to get them wet or dry food comes in. While both may be having the same nutritional benefits, you may decide to serve them dry or wet food. This may be out of your personal preference, some specific health concerns or age factor. You may prefer dry food since it can stay in the dish quite longer without spoiling. Your dog could be fond of drinking less water hence forcing you to provide wet food.   

4.Consult Your Veterinarian About Your Furry Friend’s Diet

Does your furry friend have specific health problems affected by diets such as food allergy, pancreatitis, and diabetes? If yes, you should consult your veterinarian to advise you on your dog’s relevant options and, perhaps, develop a feeding plan for them. Don’t hesitate to consult the veterinarian also if your friend is experiencing decreased appetite, skin conditions, chronic diarrhea, or lethargy.

5.Consider the 95 Percent Rule

There are guidelines put in place by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) that must be followed by all dog food companies in the US. However, you won’t miss finding one or two companies who provide misleading information about the ingredients in their food. According to the FDA analyses of pet food labels, products labeled as meat, for instance, must include at least 95% of that meat for it to be named as such – excluding water.

6. Check Label for Proximate Analysis

The proximate analysis is essential to give you the amount of fat, protein, and fiber in the food. Dogs differ in weight, and the amount of food each is fed within a single day. For this reason, the manufacturer only provides general information which you can use as a guide to determine the amount you should feed your furry friend. The calories content may not be available on the can or bag, and you’ll have to check online or contact the manufacturer.


These are simple steps that you can use to show your furry friend that you care for them by providing them with the best food. After choosing the right food for them, you should store it properly as indicated in the label. Ensure to use any opened dog food within six weeks since the date of opening, while storing it properly, of course. Good luck as you plan for your furry friend to have the best feeding experience possible.

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