DIY Ladder Plant Stand

Fresh flowers and plants are a great way to add life back into your home. Houseplants can liven up a dull corner of a room and add an interesting talking point for your next gathering. However, smaller living spaces may limit the amount of greenery you can have in your home. A simple solution is to think smart about the space you have. A simple plant stand can be the perfect answer for a tight space. ProFlowers created a video tutorial to make your own DIY Ladder Plant Stand for those of you looking

Make A Next-Gen Gingerbread House

  One of our favorite seasonal traditions is decorating a gingerbread house with the family. Some years we go all out and bake one from scratch. Other years we pick up a pre-made kit at the store. Either way, hands are sticky, hearts are full and memories are made. This year, give the traditional gingerbread house a Go Organically "renovation" with fun swaps and alternative decorations that everyone will love. Let's call it the "Next-Gen Gingerbread House." Here's how it's done! Step

How to Make a Terrarium in 5 Easy Steps

A decorative terrarium is just as cute as it is easy to care for and the best part is that creating your own may be easier than you think. Whether you’re gifting for the plant lover, the hostess or just about anyone, a DIY terrarium is sure to put a smile on their face because there’s nothing quite like a handmade gift during the holidays. To help you create your own, ProFlowers put together a DIY terrarium video tutorial. With 5 simple steps, you’ll be on your way to creating a tabletop

How to Create Festive Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is a time of year when the evenings are getting dark earlier, the chill is beginning to set in, and the lovely autumn leaves of October are off the trees. The fairs and festivals of summer are over, and people are spending more time indoors. Beautiful and inviting decorations can help make this a festive, inviting time. Here are some ideas on how to create festive Thanksgiving decorations for your home and office. 1. Candle Wreaths Candles are a perfect decoration for the darker

Traditional Pumpkin Carving Techniques

Here they are, the very essentials of pumpkin carving! By following these steps that you probably had down pat when you were a kid, you can get carving with any traditional pumpkin carving pattern. You’ll need a little elbow grease and a tolerance for a mess to use this technique, but it’s totally worth it. Pre-Carving Pumpkin Prep 1.Clean the Pumpkin Prep the pumpkin first by rinsing it in cold water and using a scrub brush to remove dirt. If you want, you can spray the entire pumpkin with

Tips for a Pet-Friendly Family Yard

The ASPCA estimates that 78 million dogs are owned in the United States and that about 44% of all households have a dog. TurfMutt – the official spokes dog for the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute’s environmental education program for students grades K-5–wants to remind homeowners to plan a yard for their family and pet’s play, health and safety. TurfMutt’s tips for a pet-friendly family yard 1. Consider your pet’s needs. Dogs love being in your family yard. Most pets need
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