The Green Bride Guide: How to Celebrate Your Big Day in a Conscious Way

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. But, weddings come with a hefty cost and we’re not talking about money. With the average UK wedding using 1.45 tons of carbon dioxide, which is the same as running three cars for a year, it’s clear that weddings are costing the environment Luckily, Daffodil Hotel & Spa have created an easy five-step guide to an eco-friendly wedding.   1. Choose a Vintage Wedding Dress Finding the perfect look for your

The ABC Of Style On A Budget

We all know that buying a gorgeous new outfit or investing a little money in ourselves can have a dramatic effect on self-confidence. However, it’s been revealed that the average American spends only 3 percent of their income on clothing, with, perhaps unsurprisingly housing, transport, food and other essentials taking up the vast proportion of expenditure. Household budgets are often tight, with many people feeling the squeeze, but purchases or lifestyle changes that make us

The Do’s and Don’ts of Marriage Proposals

When you’ve found the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, it’s important to start things off on a high. That’s why it’s absolutely critical to get your marriage proposal just right. With so many decisions to make, it can be a struggle to know what to focus on and how to get it right. Whether you’re proposing in a fancy restaurant or by the family Christmas Tree, the most important thing is to make it special. Think hard about your proposee’s interests and

For Better, Not Worse: 5 Movie Themed Wedding Ideas

With so many wedding themes to choose from, have you ever considered turning to the silver screen? Whilst the wedding scene of a rom-com can shipshape the movie into a cinematic classic, it can also inspire the tying of the knot for the everyday bride and groom. Looking for inspiration for your wedding? Perhaps you are creating a mood board to develop the style of your big day. And the choice for mood boards is overwhelming, with nearly half a million results on Google for wedding mood board. Here

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Good Bra and Panty

Investing in good bras and panties is like a struggle that we girls face very often. Paying heavy bills for the tiny piece doesn’t make much sense. Until you know the benefits of buying and wearing the perfect pieces of lingerie, you are more likely to phase a tough time paying bills for your lingerie. Following is a list of 10 reasons on why you should invest in good bras and panties. Let’s have a look It enhances the beauty of your outfits There is a perfect lingerie for every outfit

Color Palettes From The World’s Most Beautiful Places

  There’s so much beauty to be found in the world, so why not use it as inspiration? Artists and designer throughout history have learned from and used color palettes from nature itself to create their masterpieces and you can too, whether aiming for an ambitious piece of art or simply picking a color scheme for your new kitchen. To help you get some inspiration, Expedia has picked out 10 of the most beautiful places in the world and created color palettes from them that you
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