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Pets are the best. I love my dog, cats, and fish with my whole heart. The difference between my four-legged friends and my fish, though? Timon and Simba the goldfish don’t get hair all over my stuff! Nothing is more frustrating than getting ready to host people and finding out my couch is covered in hair. Now, I have two long-haired pets—a Samoyed puppy and a Norwegian Forest cat—as well as a shorthaired tabby cat, so y’all know I have a lot of hair to pick up! Here are the best ways to keep pet hair under control that I’ve found so far. 

Groom Your Pets

I’ve noticed that when I get a little lazy and don’t brush my long-haired pets often enough, they tend to shed more. My pup, Allie, tends to shed singular little hairs, which are much harder to pick up. I try to brush her at least twice a week to keep her shedding under control. I also give her some treats meant to help strengthen her coat. I’ve seen a big difference so far. 

Now my long-haired cat, Markie, is much more of an easy shedder—meaning she sheds in clumps, or what I like to call “tumbleweeds.” These are easier to pick up but much harder to prevent! I started brushing her every day when I got home from work, and the difference is amazing. If I miss a day, though, my living room goes right back to fur city. 

So, brush your furry friends for a little break from the constant shedding, especially as it warms up outside—shedding worsens when it’s nice out.  So keep reading to for ways to keep pet hair under control.

Protect Your Furniture

Brushing helps a lot, but it won’t rid your home of the problem completely. One extra way I like to protect my furniture from the constant pet hair is with a couch or ottoman slipcover. I get them custom-made to fit my furniture, so they look natural and nice in my home. The best part about these is that they’re washable, so you can wash them any time your pet sheds too much, throws up, or has any form of accident. 

Another way I like to protect my furniture is by preventing my pets from sitting on it in the first place. Now, cats are harder to keep off things, so I have a rule that if I sit there, Squirrel and Jack (the tabby) can sit, too. But Marshmallow is only allowed on certain surfaces. A good way to eliminate your pets’ desire to jump up on your nice furniture is by spraying the furniture with lemon-scented water. Pets, especially cats, dislike the smell of citrus fruits and will naturally be deterred from wanting to nap on your couch.

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