“Photography has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” -Elliott Erwitt

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Photography defined as an art of observation goes beyond snapping the picture and becomes a strong and suggestive concept that makes us contemplate it. Depicting epic life moments, contemporary photography affects the viewer deeply and almost subconsciously. In light of this new notion of photography aesthetic, a photographer is regarded as an urban philosopher, responsible for the message his visual identity conveys. The new master in photography at RM Istituto Moda e Design represents a fine example of a contemporary curriculum in this field, so let’s learn something about it.    

Shifting focus from how to why

Photography has become a medium that influences our perception of the world by depicting reality through a static moment removed from the time. From this standpoint, photography isn’t just about controlling the camera work and physicality. Present-day photographers embrace the social and aesthetic potential of photography to transmit the message and communicate with the public at the intellectual and emotional level.

Employment opportunities

Modern photographers are regarded as visual poets and non-verbal interpreters of the time, able to see beyond the form. Taking this into account, RM Istituto Moda e Design has created its lectures on the diversity of approaches, ideas, and technologies as well as lifelong education principles. The experienced lecturers are eager to help you to discover your individual style and develop your visual expression thus preparing you for the professional career in various areas of visual communication and production, from still & motion storytelling to advertising and corporate fields.

Who should take the master course

According to the Director of RM Istituto Design e Moda Pasquale Volpe, the main objective of their school is to encourage talented young people from all over the world to broaden their education with a contemporary master in photography in Milan. The course provides an opportunity for photography aficionados to reposition themselves professionally and become competitive in the job market. Mostly focused on the theory and practice of contemporary photography, the master programme is suitable for all those who want to strengthen their creative identity and turn their passion into a sustainable business.

Study program

RM Istituto’s curriculum focuses on providing students with hands-on experience by letting them execute real-job tasks suggested by institutions and firms. Working side by side with leading marketing professionals their students have an opportunity to adopt the new approaches to defining corporate identity through corporate design and communications. Studies of fine art market mechanisms make an essential part of their curriculum. Special attention is given to compiling a professional portfolio, which is considered to be the first step in marketing yourself as a proficient photographer.

Themes of study

RM Istituto’s Master in Photography is delivered by integrated and overlapping themes:

  • The context of Italian and international photography
  • Fine art collecting
  • Photography: creativity and design process
  • Advertising and corporate communications
  • Beauty and portraiture
  • Landscape and architecture
  • Storytelling methods
  • Organizing and curating exhibitions and events
  • Compiling a portfolio
  • Digital technologies and creativity

Annual Student of the Year Award

Every year, RM rewards the most successful student that has demonstrated exceptional achievements and commitment to their studies. The assessment commission is composed of the RM teachers and external professionals who are invited to assess student’s portfolios. The RM Student of the Year receives a cash award in addition to annual tuition fees reimbursement.


RM offers financial aid for talented people who want to enroll in the course. A number of scholarships are provided every year for Italian and international photography talents. Every year the scholarships are announced on the Instituto’s site, 6 months prior to the beginning of the master course which is held from November to February.

Partnership network: companies and brands

The Raffles Group has been in business for 30 years and during that time it has built a strong network of business partners. The reputation of companies with which the Raffles Group has built persistent and quality relationships is the guarantee of top-class education that combines theory and business practice that enables you to stay up-to-date with the latest news. ideas, jobs. The list of partners is truly impressive, including the likes of  Adidas, Cartier, Giorgio Armani, IKEA, Lego, Louis Vuitton, Samsung, Sony Pictures, and Textile & Fashion Federation, to name a few.

If you want your photo passion to become a successful business venture, this carefully designed master course will provide you with an opportunity to explore photography as a powerful medium of communication through which you can express your artistic potential and vision. You will also learn how to employ different marketing tools and launch your creative ideas. Set off on your creative journey, and let your imagination change the world.

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